Welcome to the HBChurch family!

Meet the team.

Jason Robertson

Lead Pastor
Dr. Jason Robertson is the Church Matters Initiative Team Leader for the California Southern Baptist Convention, is the Church Planting Consultant for the Orange County Southern Baptist Association and is a church planting assessor for North American Mission Board. He is an adjunct professor at Gateway Seminary. He is the President of the 2023 CSBC Pastor's Conference. He is a licensed Leadership Coach. He and Tasha have been married for over twenty-five years and have three children.

Michael Clark

Dr. Michael Clark leads the Care ministries and prison ministries of HBChurch. He is employed by LA County as an Investigator Trainer at the Dept of Children Services, a professor at both Cal State Los Angeles and Cal State Dominquez Hills, a graduate of Kensington College of Law, Mid-American Baptist Seminary, University of Memphis, Martin Methodist College, certified by both USC and UCLA in Social Work Child Welfare in Spanish Culture and has a California Community College Counseling Credential Valid for Life - California Board of Regents.  He sits on the boards of several recovery homes in California.

Samuel & Christella Davis

Pastor & Worship Director
Sammy and Christella have lived in Huntington Beach for many years . Sammy is a Pastor overseeing the Recovery Center, the Garage Church, and  leads "The Heart of the Gospel" on Tuesdays. Christella is a worship leader at HBChurch. She leads our Sunday morning worship and our weekday worship services. Christella is a project manager for a Southern California company and volunteers her time to serve the Lord among HBChurch's ministries.

John Kim

Suzanne  Reid

Pastor & Church Leader
Worship Director
Dr. John Kim is the Lead Pastor of HB교회. John is a native of South Korea and professor at Vanguard University. He and Mia came to America as missionaries. The Lord led them from South Korea to Atlanta, to Huntington Beach. Together they lead the Prayer Ministry of HBChurch and the Evangelism Team called Team 153 which constantly provides opportunities for the congregations of HBChurch to share the love of Christ with our city and the world. John is the pastor of HBChurch's Korean congregation, and Mia serves as a church leader. Her passion for evangelism and prayer is felt throughout all of HBChurch's ministries and church plants.
Dr. Suzanne Reid is a worship director at HBChurch. She is  the Chair of the Music Department at Vanguard University. Huntington Beach Baptist Church relocated from Santa Ana in the mid-80's and changed its name from Standard Avenue Baptist Church. The church started in the garage of her parents home. Her mother served as the church secretary for nearly 50 years. HBChurch is blessed by Suzanne's wisdom, experience, and amazing skills.

Eleazar Barajas

Dr. Eleazar "Chop" Barajas is the Lead Pastor of Ministerios HB. A native of Mexico where he was raised in an orphanage. Has many years of pastoral experience, a graduate of Gateway Seminary and has a Doctorate of Biblical Counseling from California Christian University. He is a Southern Baptist NAMB church planter and mentors other pastors. Pastor Eleazar is a prolific writer, a biblical theologian, and committed to the spiritual growth of those in his congregation. He leads the Spanish-speaking ministries of HBChurch and organizes mission trips for our congregations.

Martin Escobar

A native of Mexico, a local carpenter, a graduate of Gateway Seminary. Martin serves as the associate pastor in the ministries of Ministerios HB and helps lead the ministries of Ministerios HB.