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Our Story


Our church began in the garage of Dolly Bryan many years ago and has a long history of  ministry built upon biblical preaching and teaching, trustworthy leadership,  and a loving congregation.  Our church family is filled with grace, love, and compassion. If you are looking for a church that will teach you about Christ and help you get connected with a church family, you will love our church. HBChurch is a great place to grow spiritually!  Dr. Squyres pastored our church for fifty years before retiring in 2016. He isseen standing on the left in this photo with a model of the new building.


Joining HBChurch in 2016, Dr. Jason Robertson has expanded our vision in new ways to reach our beloved city with the gospel of Jesus Christ. He continues to build the ministries on the foundation of the inerrancy, infallibility, and sufficiency of Scripture. He is leading us to partner with local businesses, charities, and ministries. He is training new pastors and developing multiple congregations within HBChurch to reach the different cultures and languages in our city.  We are one church expressed in multiple congregations.

"We are on a clear mission to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ," Robertson says. "Nothing is more exciting than seeing someone come to faith in Jesus as their God and Savior, get baptized, and begin to grow spiritually!" HBChurch is a great place to develop authentic Christian friendships and to grow spiritually.

We are a growing community of Christians that is maturing and multiplying its influence through launching, developing, and resourcing multiple congregations to reach its city with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Read this article about the progress we are making.


Pastor Jason has started two "church collectives" where churches network together to plant new churches. The HBChurch Collective is a local network that is planting churches in Orange County, CA.  The Providence Collective is nation-wide.

Listen here to Pastor Jason talk to Dr. Jeff Iorg, the President of Gateway Seminary, about why Huntington Beach Church is making a significant impact in the Kingdom of God.

If you want to be a church planter or a sending church, you will want to be part of this movement.  We have a Residency that trains church leaders, especially church planters and worship leaders. Our collectives are very successful is helping church planters and sending churches prepare for planting a church, getting financial support for their ministry, and sustaining church health after the new church is launched.

Read this article about one of our church plants that is called The Garage Church. Recently that church launched  a Recovery Ministry that is welcoming 100's of people per month to our campus who are seeking help, hope, and spiritual healing.  This is what we are all about ... sharing the love of Jesus Christ and seeing His power transform the lives of people for God's glory!

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