Welcome to the HBChurch family!
HBChurch is a church planting hub, partnering with NAMB and the SEND Network, the CSBC, and the OCSBA. 
Our "fleet" of churches work together to strengthen and encourage one another and help one another plant more churches. 

Normal Size Churches Doing Great Things Together

We Plant Churches That Plant Churches

We Revitalize Established Churches

We Develop Pastors

We Train Worship Leaders

We Help Fund New Churches

We Build Teams That Build the Kingdom

“Small churches will disappear in 20 years. The only churches that will survive will be large churches.” That statement was made to us in  2019 by a significant leader within the Southern Baptist Convention.  That was before COVID. That was before large churches lost the ability to function as a gathered assembly because of mandated capacity limits. A  global pandemic changed major things in the local church. Yet, small churches not only survived the pandemic but most thrived. Why, because small churches are the norm, not the exception. Normative churches could quickly adapt and do what was needed to continue the work of being a  church whether in an urban, suburban, or rural setting. While we never agreed with the apocalyptic prediction on the future of “small churches”  it did motivate a group of Southern California pastors to consider our place in the future of the church and its mission to spread the gospel through church planting.
Today we are inspired by what is happening across America in the explosion of church plants in the SBC  and the incredible work of organizations like SEND Network. We also see  God doing amazing things in the area of leadership development for church members and church leaders. Over the past few years, God has been working in the hearts of various like-minded West Coast Pastors who have been asking themselves this question.

“How can normative churches work together for Kingdom impact?”

As God providentially brought us together, we see the bigger picture of missions is not about church growth but Kingdom growth. This has initiated a desire to be part of  Kingdom growth in our normative-size churches. If the “small church”  disappears it will not be on our watch. Watching this movement of God  has stirred us past asking the question “can we do this?” to “why are we  not doing this?”

It might sound cliché’ but churches are indeed better together. Our purpose as the Providence Collective is to come together as normative churches that focus on leadership development and church planting while encouraging one another, sharing resources, and helping each other develop a Kingdom mindset that works towards moving the church out while God moves the church up. If this is something, you are interested in contact us, and we can discuss it further.

The Providence Collective Board of Directors:

Jason Robertson

Lead Pastor of Huntington Beach Church.

Stacy Johnson

Lead Pastor of FBC San Jacinto.

Scott Hill

Lead Pastor of Murrieta Valley Church.
The Providence Collective is a church planting and church revitalizing network led by three pastors whose churches are committed to planting churches that plant churches and to revitalizing established churches. Men wishing to plant churches should apply.  Churches wishing to revitalize, multiply, or sponsor a church plant should apply.