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The Reckoning

Mar 11, 2018    Jason Robertson    1 Timothy 5:2

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It’s being called the greatest cultural upheaval in decades, a sexual misconduct reckoning. The #MeToo social media movement caught fire October 2017, when Alyssa Milano sent out a tweet in support of her friend Rose McGowan's allegations of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein.

Kelly Rosati, VP for Child Advocacy at Focus on the Family, said, “Issues of sexual abuse and exploitation and gender discrimination are not just for one political party or type of theology. People are not exempted by their culture. Churches are not exempt. This is an issue that we have to grapple with. We can never get away from the incredible good news of the forgiveness and grace of God. But that does not obviate the need for law enforcement, for understanding long-term consequences, or for the need to listen to victims and understand their pain.”

Sexual misconduct is not a gray area of the Bible. God speaks out strongly against sexual abuse in all of its variations. There is no place in God’s economy for sexual harassment. There is no place in God’s economy for assault. There is no place in God’s economy for rape. There is no place for using positions of power or influence to coerce or pressure for sexual favors.

During this series of sermons, I am going to take you all over the Bible to give you a comprehensive, clear understanding of what the Bible says about these issues.

In this message, I want to give you one passage to study on your own this week and one verse to make the guiding principle of your life.