Members are committed to taking responsibility for the church...
by exalting 
the Savior through worship by faithfully attending worship services, observing the ordinances of the church, contributing monetarily on a regular basis to the support of the church, and living a godly life.
by espousing 
the doctrines of the Christian faith as outlined in the church’s Statement of Faith.
by elevating 
all things in prayer by giving one’s self to pray for the church, to pray with others, and to pray for others.
by evangelizing 
those who are lost by praying for them by name, inviting them to trust in Christ, and sharing the gospel and one’s testimony with them.
by encouraging 
the church body through diligently promoting unity among the members, acting in love toward other members, and offering to bear the cares and concerns of other members of the body.
by edifying 
the body through discipleship by following the leaders of the church and being committed to ministries provided for spiritual growth and development.
by equipping 
the saints for service by discovering and using my gifts, talents and abilities with a servant’s heart for the work of the ministry.